Local Business Reviews

I can think of nothing more important than local business reviews for promoting small, local companies. What others share about their experiences with you, your staff, your products and your services can literally make or break you these days.

To best facilitate these reviews be sure and have profiles on as many review sites as possible, but, also be sure and monitor them. It does no good to get a review, be it good or bad, if you are not going to respond to it.

And DO respond. Thanks those that leave good reviews. It’s just polite. And to bad reviews, consider them first. Are they right? Was last Thursday an awful day? Is your main waitress unpleasant and surly? Do your fries suck? If so, commit to changing the problem and let them know. Also thank them for their help. That’s what they are offering. If, on the other hand, the reviewer is a punk just trying to cause trouble, find a nice way of handling it. If you are doing your part one or two bad reviews among lots of raving ones is not going to matter. Folks aren’t stupid. They know there are always bad apples in the bunch.

Whatever you do don’t argue with them and call them names and get bent out of shape. Do what you do best, provide your service or products and give good customer service.

Try and urge your customers to leave reviews for your local business as well. (Er, well, only if they are happy customers!) And make it easy for them by letting them know where your review sites can be found on your website, facebook page and other social sharing properties.

You can check back here for local business reviews we think you should know about.