Self Publishing Companies In Arkansas

Technology has impacted printing and publishing in a big way, both here in Arkansas and beyond. Getting things like business cards and brochures made use to involve hiring an artist. Now my 96 year old grandfather can whip them out like nobody’s business. Book publishing has come a long way as well. Many are turning away from large publishing houses and turning to self publishing in various formats to get their stories or ideas to the masses. Besides short run printing there are print on demand services, audio books, and electronic books available for very reasonable prices.

Self publishing companies in Arkansas help writers get their books ready for print or distribution as electronic or audio books through companies like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other sites. It allows individuals to personally handle the details and save tons of money in the process. There are lots of reasons to publish, whether it be for vanities sake, or to promote a business, to create and sell a training product or just to spin a yarn.

With the help of Self Publishing Company in Little Rock and others like this one regular folks who are good at writing (and maybe not so good!) can get help with proofing, editing, cover design and formatting their books. Many offer ISBN numbers, help with copyrights and with marketing.

The process of traditional publication can take up to six months or more. That’s once it’s been accepted and in many cases there is no guarantee the book will be printed or distributed at all. What many starry-eyed hopeful writers do not understand is that even when their manuscript is accepted for print, they are themselves responsible to promote it. This means touring, setting up the tour, doing book signings, getting air time on the radio and local tv stations. Additionally you give up a good portion of the proceeds from your book. When you self publish you are in complete control as well as being responsible for all the same things.

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The Pros of self-publication: Print on Demand offers more on the actual control of your manuscript. You decide the content; cover art, and even the price that the book will be sold for. You decide who sells the book and where it is sold. Also, self-publishing means that you keep the final sale price of the book. Consider self publishing and get some help doing it with an Arkansas self publishing company.